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Quality of Projects :

The quality of Projects are improving year to year, the department is focusing towards the students to work on the Hardware related Projects / kit based projects. For the best hardware project the college management is ready to finance complete 100 % refund of the expense occurred in the work. Feedback is taken from the students, outcomes of the projects are analyzed ,a sample format is presented here.
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List of Projects - Academic Year 2015-2016
S.No Project Impact on the Industry/Society Work Description
1Optimal DG Placement for loss Reduction using Fuzzy & harmony Search Algorithmmore DG means more eco friendly generationin this project Dg placement is discussed for loss reduction in the system with fuzzy and Harmony search Algorithm
2Analysis and Design OF High gain DC-DC Muliti Level Boost Converter for PV Applications.increase usage of solar energy which a green energyBoosting of output voltage from the renewable energy sources with switched inductor high gain dc-dc multilevel boost converter
3Ac/Dc Hybrid Micro grid Modeling and Controlincrease usage of micro grids results in more green powera hybrid ac/dc micro grid to reduce the processes of multiple dc-ac-dc or acdc-ac conversions in an individual ac or dc grid. The hybrid grid consists of both ac and dc networks connected together by multi-bidirectional converters.AC sources and loads are connected to the ac network whereas dcsources and loads are tied to the dc network
4Applications of Loop Power Controller and Fuel Cell System in Distribution Feeders for Load Balancingfuel cell contributes to green energy The loop power controller to control real power and reactive power flow by adjusting voltage ratio and phase shift. Daily loading unbalance is determined by analyzing fuel cell (FC) power generation recording by using SCADA system and load profile based on Data Automation System (DAS).The loop power controller can improve controllability, operational flexibility and reduce power loss of the distribution system.
5Loss Reduction by Capacitor placement at Distribution Transformer using BFOA Technique.Loss reduction results in low tariff The power loss on distribution transformers can account for a considerable portion of the overall loss.The installation of capacitor bank locations areconsidered at the low voltage side of transformers.
6Fault Current Reduction and Voltage Regulation System using SFCL based DG Unitscontinuity of supply is maintained a high short circuit currents occurs results to large mechanical forces, these forces cause overheating of the equipment. If the large size equipment are used in power system then they need a large protection scheme for severe fault conditions,the fault current is reducd to SFCL based DG unit
7Performance study of Induction Motor with Multi Carrier sine PWM method using Cascaded H-Bridge multilevel Inverters.the performance of the induction motor is studied with multi carrier sine Pwm Method with cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverters
8Analysis and Design of Switched Inductor High Gain Dc-Dc Multilevel Boost Converter for Fuel Cell Applicationsfuel cell contributes to green energy novel high gain switched inductor multilevel buck-boost converter. High gain DC-DC converters are preferred for solar applications to step up the output voltage from PV arrays. Due to the limitation on duty cycle, high gain is not feasible in conventional buck-boost converter. This drawback is overcome by multilevel buck-boost converter using capacitor-diode multiplier.
9Offshore Wind Farm connection with Low Frequency Ac Transmission Technologygreen energy The LFAC system improves the transmission capacity and distance compared to the conventional AC solution at the nominal frequency, e.g. 50 Hz or 60 Hz. and reduces the investment cost compared to the HVDC solution,the transmission capability is greatly improved by the LFAC system
10Power quality Enhancement by using Fuzzy based dual UPQCquality powerUnified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) for harmonic elimination and simultaneous compensation of voltage and current, which improves the power quality offered for other harmonic sensitive loads,a fuzzy controlled dual unified power quality conditioner is implemented
11Modular Multilevel D-Statcom Inverter for Renewable Energy sourcesmore green power to provide utilities with distributive control of VAR compensation and power factor correction on feeder lines. The designed inverter utilizes a 5-level hybridclamped multilevel voltage-source converter topology and uses the optimized harmonic stepped waveform technique for harmonic elimination. The topology allows for the separation of active and reactive power control and the ability to operate under any load conditions
12Ship Heading Control Using Model Predictive ControlHyThe Constraint violation and feasibility issues of model predictive control (MPC)for ship heading control in wave fields is taken into account and the rudder angle of the ship is controlled,controller’s simulation results shows good performance of in terms of reduction in heading error and satisfying yaw velocity and also in actuator saturation constraints
13Simulation of Electric Ship Using Dc Hybrid Power SystemHybrid System supplies power even when there is no electrical supplymodeling of hybrid electric ship components including mechanical and electrical elements. Power electronic converters are modeled by nonlinear averaging methods to suit system-level studies. A unified model for bidirectional converters is proposed to avoid transitions between two separate models. A simulation platform using the derived models is developed for the system-level analysis of hybrid electric ships
14Power Quality Improvement by using Canonical Switching cell converter fed BLDC motorperformance of the canonical switching cell (CSC) converter fed brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive for power quality (PQ) improvement. The use of CSC not only controlled the DC link voltage but also make the inverter to operate at low frequency so that switching losses are minimized. Moreover the use of front end CSC improves the power factor at AC mains. The system needs only a single voltage sensor for the DC bus voltage sensing; hence the system cost is reduced. The performance was analyzed on the basis of PQ terms of the proposed system under steady state and dynamic conditions.
15A New General Topology for Multi-level Inverter based on H- BridgeThe proposed topology requires a lesser number of dc voltage sources and power switches and consists of lower blocking voltage on switches, which results in decreased complexity and total cost of the inverter. These abilities obtained within comparing the proposed topology with the conventional topologies from aforementioned points of view.
16A Genetic algorithm Based Approach to Optimal Power Flow Problemoptimal powerflow reduces losses which results in reduction of costshe objective is to minimize the fuel cost and keep the power outputs of generators, bus voltages, shunt capacitors/reactors and transformers tap-setting in their secure limits. CPU times can be reduced by decomposing the optimization constraints to active constraints manipulated directly by the genetic algorithm, and passive constraints maintained in their soft limits using a conventional constraint load flow.
17Power Quality Improvement In Distribution System Using Dynamic Voltage Restorerquality of power is improved The current limitation will restore the point of common coupling (PCC) (the bus to which all feeders under study are connected) voltage and protect the DVR itself. The idea here is that the DVR acts as a virtual impedance with the main aim of protecting the PCC voltage during downstream fault without any problem in real power injection into the DVR.
18Harmonic Droop Control Strategy for Minimization of THD IN SINGLE PHASE INVERTERMinimizing harmonics quality powerA droop control strategy is developed for systems delivering power to a constant current source, instead of a constant voltage source. This is then applied to develop a harmonic droop controller so that the right amount of harmonic voltage is added to the inverter reference voltage to compensate the harmonic voltage dropped on the output impedance due to the harmonic current.
19Self tuning Control based UPFC for power Oscillations presents a new control methods based on adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy damping controller and adaptive Artificial Neural Networks damping controller techniques to control a Unified Power Flow controller (UPFC) installed in a single machine infinite bus Power System.
20Installation and commissioning of 100Kw Rooftop solar Power energy Installation and cost estimation of grid connected SPV power plant
21Fuzzy logic based shunt active power filter for power quality improvementQuality power can be given to consumersThe simulation and experimental study of a fuzzy logic controlled, three-phase shunt active power filter to improve power quality by compensating harmonics and reactive power required by a nonlinear load
22Micro-controller based safety and security system in a carSafety in daily life To avoid road accidents & inform the status of the vehicle to the family members / car owner
23Mitigation of harmonics and compensation of Reactive power by using cascaded H-bridge multilevel Inverter based DSTATCOMQuality power can be given to consumersmitigation of harmonics along with Compensation of reactive Power with Cascaded H-Bridge multi level bassed analogy
24Predictive Control scheme based active Power Filter for THD reductionquality of power is enhancedAn active power filter implemented with a 4-leg voltage source inverter using a predictive control scheme is presented . Predictive current control algorithm is based on the system model. The compensation performance of the proposed active power filter and the associated control scheme under steady state and transient operating conditions is demonstrated
25Improvement of Voltage Profile by Multi carrier PWM techniques in cascaded Inverter.Voltage Profile is improved by using multi carrier PWm techniques with the cascaded inverter
26Incorporation of D-Facts devices in Distribution system for loss ReductionLoss reduction results in reduced tariff A systematic method by which optimal location of MUTI TYPE FACTS DEVICES to be installed. FACTS DEVICES model is incorporated into a NewtonRaphson algorithm to perform load flow analysis.
27Installation of 100Kw rooftop solar Power plantgreen energy Installation and comissioning of 100kw rooftop solar power plant
283-?, 4-w UPQC Topology with reduced dc-link for enhancing power qualityQuality power can be suppliedTopology enables UPQC to compensate current harmonics, voltage sags, and voltage swells with a reduced DC-link voltage without reducing its compensation capability by resolving the circuit

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List of Projects - Academic Year 2014-2015
S.No Project Impact on the Industry/Society Work Description
1Micro controller based automatic power factor Correction.power factor is increased, power transmmision will be increase which reduces the cost To avoid the penalty of low power factor & automatically controlled by microcontroller
2Enhancement of Voltage stability using ABC algorithmVoltage stability improvement is an important issue in power system planning and operation. This article presents the effect of reconfiguration in the presence of distributed generation (DG) in radial distribution system to improve the voltage stability with different load models by using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm. The analysis is accomplished using a voltage stability index which can be evaluated at each node of the distribution system.
3Comparison of different topologies of current 4-bridge multi level inverterDifferent topologies of inverters are designed and compared their performances
4Simulation of SRF based shunt active power filter and application to BLDC motor drive.reduction in harmonics increase the life of BLDC motorreal time generation of compensating current for harmonic mitigation and reactive power compensation.Synchronous Reference Frame Theory (SRF), SRF theory without synchronizing circuit like phase lock loop (PLL) the techniques are analyzed mathematically and simulation results are obtained which are being compared in terms of its compensation performance
5A novel controlling distribution generating system using 3-? convertersDg has many social benefits power balance is maintained at distribution levelThis project has taken an attempt to derive the small signal model of a single phase inverter in isolated mode and its performance with different controllers. Further, the work is extended to modelling of three phase grid connected VSI and its relevant transfer functions have been deduced from the model so as to analyse the system performance for designing a controller
6Congestion management in deregulated power sector using fuzzy based optimal location of facts reducing congestion in lines capital investment is reducedthis project concentrates on the application of Flexible Alternative Current Transmission System (FACTS) controllers as a solution to the problem of congestion(transmission system to operate beyond transfer limits) management
7Power quality improvement using Dynamic Voltage restorercan supply quality powers to the cunsumersPower quality problem is an occurrence developed as a nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure of end use equipments.Dynamic Voltage Restorer can provide the most cost effective solution to mitigate voltage sags and swells that is required by customer. The Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is a rapid, flexible and resourceful solution to power quality problems.
8Improvement of Power distribution utility using dual –FCL with neuro fuzzy controller. improve the performance of optimal power generation with least errors which results in reduced tariff The increasing capacity of power systems, larger available fault currents may cause the existing circuit breakers to become under-rated. The DUAL FCL placement technique is demonstrated in a power network containing four buses in a ring arrangement
9Transient stability improvement with fuzzy logic controller based distributed static series compensatorimprove stability of power system, maintenance cost is reducedMost of the transmission lines use AC for long distance power transmission. However, such transmission systems are prone to stability problems which lead to the deterioration of transmission capability. Between synchronous generators, weekly damped swings is the main problem faced by large power systems. Transient stability plays an important role in power systems.
10Speed control of separately excited dc motor by boost converter fed field control method it has many applications in daily life innovative technique of the speed control of the separately excited DC Motor by Boost converter fed field control are done.. If we can apply this voltage to the field winding, the flux production is more than the normal level. Due to this, automatically speed will be decreased.
11Combined economic and emission dispatch for wind thermal generation unitsreduced cost of generations to emission dispatchCombined Economic and Emission Dispatch is to minimize both the operating fuel cost and emission level simultaneously while satisfying the operational constraints and load demand. A stochastic optimization model for dynamic economic dispatch of wind-thermal power system is established to minimize the comprehensive operation expected cost
12Reliability evaluation of electrical power systems incorpating factsto reduced interruptions in the power supply Growth of load demand increases day by day, but this growth does not happen the same in equipments of power systems and therefore operators have to use maximum available capacity of systems to satisfy load demands. These actions make power systems so unreliable. One of best ways to improve reliability of systems, is using FACTS devices
13Simulation of 3-? BLDC motor using four switch topologyIndustry Analysis and design of a low cost three phase inverter brushless dc motor (BLDC)drive.For effective utilization of the developed system, a novel direct current controlled pwm scheme (DPC)is designed and implemented..

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List of Projects - Academic Year 2013-2014
S.No Project Impact on the Industry/Society Work Description
1Optimal Location of SVC for Voltage stability Improvement using PSO Algorithmreduced losses results in low tariff A static VAR compensator is a set of electrical devices for providing fast-acting reactive power on high-voltage electricity transmission networks. Optimal Location of svc is analysed with PSO Alogrithm
2Neural Network based hysteresis Current Controller For 1-? Grid Connected PWM improveing the performance of grid cost will be reducedhysteresis current control technique is used as inverter control technique,here neural network based model is used for analysis
3Analysis of voltage Stability Indices for radial Distribution SystemVoltage stability index is calculated which is more sensitive to voltage collapse & shunt compensation is done on the radial distribution line
4Improvement of Transient Stability of Power System using UPFCTransient stability of the power system is studied with Upfc Controller
5Solution to Economic Load dispatch using PSO algorithmgeneration cost will be reducedEconomic Load dispatch is determined with PSO algorithm
6Speed Control Of permanent magnet synchronous motor using fuzzy based vector controlSpeed control of the PM-synchronous Motor is obtained with fuzzy based vector control
7SPWM based wind turbine Driven PMSG with Boost Chopper.increase the generation of green energy Recently PMSG is gaining popularity as it has many advantages over conventional generators. Due to the variable nature of wind, PMSG cannot be directly coupled with the grid. An intermediate power electronic link needs to be provided between the generator and the grid. Many power electronic converter topologies are being used with PMSG.
8Shunt Active Power filter for harmonic mitigation by using fuzzy logic Controller.quality power can be supply to the consumers Harmonic contents of the source current has been calculated and compared for the different cases to demonstrate the influence of harmonic extraction circuit on the harmonic compensation characteristic of the shunt active power filter. a fuzzy logic controlled, three-phase shunt active filter is used to improve power quality by compensating current harmonics which is required by a nonlinear load.
9A control strategy for mitigation of Inrush currents in load transformerinterruptions in power supply can be minimizInrush currents generated by unloaded power transformer often reduce power quality on the system. To improve this situation, proposes an active inrush current compensator that is capable of reducing the inrush current effectively during startup mode. The proposed compensator is based on an inverter-based series compensator which is comprised of a single-phase inverter and series transformer.
10Reconfiguration of Distribution System Network using ABC algorithmdiffers the investment cost in distribution system The application of Distributed Generation (DG) has found increasing attention. Optimal reconfiguration needs selection of the best set of branches to be opened so that the resulting radial distribution system has improved voltage profile system and minimized power loss. a new methodology using artificial bee’s colony algorithm (ABC) in the radial distribution systems for the placement and size of Distributed Generators (DG). The ABC algorithm is a new population based meta heuristic approach exalted by intelligent foraging behavior of honey bee swarm.
11Analysis Of Statcom using PI and fuzzy ControllerWhen integrated to the power system, large wind farms pose stability and control issues. A thorough study is needed to identify the potential problems and to develop measures to mitigate them. Although integration of high levels of wind power into an existing transmission system does not require a major redesign, it necessitates additional control and compensating equipment to enable recovery from severe system disturbances.

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